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2022 HCP Creative Campaign Case Study

The CHALLENGE: To elevate brand perception and increase engagement in a competitive yet declining market while growing our category leadership position.

The solution: Engage plastic surgeons by focusing on the unique features of Natrelle in a way that appeals to their perceived identity as both artists and scientists. 

The OUTCOME: An immersive new campaign highlighting the beauty and science of Natrelle that delivered significant gains in market share and other key performance indicators.

WHAT we did

To leverage these insights, we introduced a new campaign: Where Artistry Meets Innovation. 

CONCEPT: The Where Artistry Meets Innovation concept was informed by the understanding that the surgeon is the artist who uses an innovative medium (Natrelle) to create their unique work of art (the patient). 

The new direction established a visual language that leverages the artistry, innovation, and technology the brand is known for.

The visual approach for Where Artistry Meets Innovation featured elegant black-and-white photography with technical graphic overlays presenting a striking dichotomy that speaks to the intersection of art and innovation.

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