The Risk Authority Stanford
Creativity & Innovation
Stanford Medical's Risk Authority is a Palo Alto based healthcare consulting firm, dedicated to transforming risk management practices with cutting-edge solutions. Our partnership with the Silicon Valley brand redefined the client and creative relationship. Our engagement with The Risk Authority Stanford went far beyond traditional graphic design and advertising to be as far-ranging as interior design and directing sales films.

Stanford Medical approached NFC to consult on the launch identity of their entire brand after the realization their in-house created branding and website did not adequately represent the quality of their innovative services nor could it compete in the market. We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to design and engineer their entire communications system.


As TRA grew and created additional brands, we partnered with senior management to develop and bring those brands to life. Together we were able to make an indelible mark on the brand identity of this risk and healthcare leaders multiple brands.

What We Did

Brand Collaboration
Creative Direction

Competitive Analysis

Brand Audit

Brand Positioning

Brand Architecture

Branding Strategy

Sub-Brand Development

Brand Personality

Brand Tone-of-Voice

Brand Direction


Brand Identity

Logo Design

Print Collateral

Web Design

Advertising Campaigns

Space Design

Art Direction-Photography


Graphic Design

Marketing Online/Offline


Signage/Display Banners

National Events & Booths

Social Media 

Blog/Article Strategy

Video & Webcast Direction

Script Writing

 Personal Styling

Campaign Strategy

Animated Graphics

Content Strategy

Oversee Vendors

 Project Management

Brand Guide

Tomorrow's Risk
Management Today.

People choose brands that distinguish themselves from others by offering differences that are emotionally meaningful. For a brand to build brand value those differences should emotionally resonate with clients. This happens best when a company is clear about the purpose, vision, and mission for the brand.

Working closely with senior management at The Risk Authority Stanford and Innovence Pulse, we partnered in both developing and delivering the total vision at every consumer touchpoint.

Building a Brand

Design Thinking

During our time with TRA, we designed and art directed three books written by CEO and thought leader Jeffrey Driver. Driver is an internationally known expert in risk management and leadership. The books focus on incorporating Stanford's Design Thinking approach. Created to inspire healthcare leaders and executives to become innovators by fostering innovation within their own organizations

Office Interior Design
TRA-office-nichole-fowler copy.jpg
Events & Booth Design 
Video Animations were created for The Risk Authority and Innovence Pulse to announce new products and services. The branding videos were featured on 96" monitors at national events. 
Behind the Scenes
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