Sleep Number Bed
By Select Comfort
How do you change a mattress company into an IDEA?

Needing a way to increase their brand awareness and sales in the premium-priced mattress category, Select Comfort approached the agency with the challenge of overcoming traditionally low consumer interest in this market sector.

The solution: Beds are boring; however, solving the problem of sleep deprivation is compelling. The agency focused on the unique adjustable features of the bed and proposed changing from a company selling mattresses to a company selling a big idea: SLEEP NUMBERS.

Sleep Numbers range from 0 to 100 and represent a person’s ideal combination of mattress comfort. It’s a new way to quantifiably measure personal comfort.

The Sleep Number concept was the platform for a total relaunch of the Select Comfort company. A new visual language that leverages the bed’s patented, digital remote-control display was developed and ultimately integrated into every element of communication, from advertising and store design to collateral and employee materials.

Everyone has a

Sleep Number.

What’s yours?

Because we do not actually consider branding to be marketing or design for that matter, branding is the bedrock strategy that supports and directs your business. Understanding this became our starting point when re-evaluating the Select Comfort product.

What We Did

Brand Identity

Brand Design

Print Collateral

Web Design

Advertising Campaigns


Art Direction- Photography

Graphic Design

Marketing Online/Offline

Signage/Display Banners

National Events & Booths



Employee Uniforms

Auto Trucks

Project Management

Brand Guidelines