Gallo Wines 

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“Vision Books”


Showcasing the Brands

Gallo Wineries, one of the largest beverage distributors in the world, brought us in to establish compelling design guidelines for many of the wine and spirit brands under the Gallo name. After a thoughtful evaluation of these brands, we did them one better, by proposing a bigger idea for the materials and their usage. Working with senior management and individual brand teams we created “Vision Books” – premium publications that visually showcased the specific brand’s personality. The books were so successful, highly praised, and valued by the Gallo company that they were subsequently used as sales tools and with distribution, our creative thinking went far beyond the originally intended use.


The below captures a snapshot of a few examples and brands that were created. 

William Hill 
Brand Books


E&J Brandy
Brand Book


New Amsterdam Gin
Brand Book