Advertising Week!

New York City!



of Creativity

“Advertising Week in New York City” was the first event to celebrate the economic impact and incredible creativity of the advertising industry. Created by the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the event needed a unique and memorable way to brand itself. Something that would appeal to advertising professionals as well as the general public. An identity that would capture the power of advertising. That would literally “sell” advertising itself. To this end, agencies and designers across the city were asked to work on the project.

The idea–to employ some of the advertising industry’s most instantly recognizable product icons as literal spokespeople for the event – was not only selected over all other concepts, it went well beyond simply a logo. My team and I created a living, evolving brand identity whose unifying element – the exclamation “Advertising Week - New York City!”– brought the various advertising characters into the world of the event. 

What We Did


Brand Identity
Outdoor Signage
PR Materials


Manhattan Walk of Fame

Trade Shows
Event Materials






Madison Avenue 

Allstar Parade

Advertising’s Most
Loved Iconic Characters 

In 2004, Advertising Week New York

debuted for the first time with a “Walk of Fame” parade on Madison Avenue. The ever-changing industry continues to keep the conversation going once a year featuring thoughtful discussions with thought leaders from the marketing, advertising, creative

and technology spaces.